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WSBC has partnered with Platinum Partner Great Managers to deliver exclusive live webinars to the WSBC community.

Building a Great Place to Work: A 6-Step System for Deliberately Creating your Workplace Culture

Friday 26th May 2017, 12.30pm ADST

Culture happens – for better or for worse. Every organisation has a culture. Proactively choosing to create your culture in a deliberate and intentional way will deliver financial and emotional benefits and build a high performing workplace – a great place to work - and you will be the envy of your competitors.

Power Up Your People

Tuesday 21st March 2017, 12.30pm ADST

Struggling to keep your good staff for the long-term? The culture in your business feels like it is out of your control? Tired of unproductive conflict and misunderstandings in your team? Mistakes and errors caused by your staff costing you precious time and money? No matter what you try, your team just don’t seem motivated? If you are a business owner, director, manager or simply leading a team of people and you are experiencing one or more of the above problems, you are invited to attend this exclusive webinar to learn what great managers do differently to grow profitable, sustainable businesses and high-performing teams.

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