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About Western Sydney Business Connection

Is Your Business Connected? 

Western Sydney Business Connection is the prime facilitator of business engagement and growth in Western Sydney for larger small businesses and mid sized businesses.

Why we exist...

We exist to support the growth and connectivity of the Western Sydney business community.

How we do it...

We do this by delivering an innovative vehicle of engagement, collaboration, branding, regional promotion, thought leadership and a 'Voice' for Western Sydney business.

What we do...

We promote and connect the people, places & businesses of Western Sydney.

Boost your profile in Western Sydney

If you are looking to increase your business profile, develop new relationships and grow your business, you will be pleased you joined us. 

With major commercial centres that include Parramatta, Norwest, Liverpool and Penrith, Western Sydney is one of Australia’s largest and fastest growing regional populations - and a hub of economic growth. 

At WSBC, we believe that by promoting and connecting the people, businesses and places of Western Sydney, we can promote economic growth, jobs creation, viability and liveability in the region. 

We focus our efforts on:

Business Engagement & Growth: We are the longest standing and leading engagement centre in the area, facilitating business networking, learning and development in Western Sydney.

Economic Growth: We work closely with local councils and other stakeholders to promote Western Sydney as a prosperous community.

Helping Businesses: We represent the best interests of our members and dedicate ourselves to serving your business needs.

Expand Your Network

When you join WSBC, you connect with like-minded influential business leaders, across a diverse range of sectors in Western Sydney. You will have the opportunity to:

  • Expand your network and build new business relationships with people of influence
  • Raise your company profile and credibility and open the door to new business opportunities 
  • Actively promote your business through networking, event sponsorship, and our business directory
  • Stay informed on the hot issues in Western Sydney that could impact your business operations
  • Participate in a relevant and engaging year-long program of events designed to bring the people and businesses of Western Sydney together            
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