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Economic and Market Outlook, April 2017

Download the April 2017 edition of Pitcher Partners Economic and Market Outlook. This edition provides commentary on the following topics:

• International economy

• Australian economy

• Australian equities

• International equities

Courtesy of Pitcher Partners Sydney Wealth Management

Parramatta Light Rail: 1st Quarterly Newsletter, April 2017

Parramatta Light Rail is one of the NSW Government’s latest major infrastructure projects being delivered to serve a growing Sydney. Updates from Transport for NSW will now be distributed quarterly to keep you informed about upcoming activities and community involvement in your area. Download the first Parramatta Light Rail quarterly newsletter below or for more information, visit the Parramatta Light Rail website at

Courtesy of Transport for NSW

A Guide to Programs, Grants and Funding for Australian SME's and Entrepreneurs

Many Australian entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are looking to innovate, commercialise and evolve. Yet there are often two key aspects that affect an SMEs ability to do this – these are cash flow and funding. The great news is there are over 1200 grants, programs, tax incentives, funding opportunities and assistance programs to help Australian entrepreneurs and SMEs innovate, commercialise, and grow. These opportunities may also help by providing funds for professional services such as financial experts, business advisors, and intellectual property (IP) specialists. This paper summarises some of the current programs and funding opportunities available to Australian SMEs and entrepreneurs.

Courtesy of Davies Collison Cave

Western Sydney Airport

The Western Sydney Airport has been cleared for take-off. On 12 December 2016, the Prime Minister, The Hon Malcolm Turnbull and The Minister for Urban Infrastructure, Paul Fletcher, announced the approval of the Airport Plan, providing authorisation for the Stage 1 Western Sydney Airport and paving the way for construction to begin in 2018. The airport is set to open in 2026. 
Download the Western Sydney Airport Community Update below.

Courtesy of Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development

Parramatta Light Rail: Planned Routes & Building Timetable

Parramatta Light Rail is one of the NSW Government’s latest major infrastructure projects being delivered to serve a growing Sydney. Parramatta Light Rail Stage 1 will connect Westmead to Carlingford via Parramatta CBD with a two-way track spanning 12 kilometres. Download the planned routes and building timeline below. 

Courtesy of Transport for NSW

Western Sydney Procurement Toolkit

This toolkit has been developed to assist Western Sydney businesses to identify supply opportunities and increase their knowledge of requirements to tender. 

Courtesy of NSW Department of Industry

 The New World of Work

In this e-book, Pendragon have gathered together the thoughts, ideas and predictions from some of the world’s greatest thought-leaders to help showcase what the world of work will look like in the near future. 

Courtesy of Pendragon 

 Parramatta 2021

City of Parramatta has commissioned PwC to undertake analysis of the impact various developments are having on the economy. ‘Parramatta 2021’ outlines the forecasted economic growth for the city over the next five year period.

Courtesy of City of Parramatta

 Making Western Sydney Greater - 1st Report

Led by William Buck, and supported by the Western Sydney Business Connection, St. George and Western Sydney University, the Making Western Sydney Greater reports are used to contribute to and influence discussions on NSW Government policy regarding workforce skill and employee training. The aim is to achieve positive changes for businesses in Greater Western Sydney

In the first report, three key themes emerged across employment, infrastructure, and business sentiment. SME Businesses in Western Sydney stood out in terms of their expected financial performance and employment intentions. All businesses identified significant – but solvable – impediments to their business and the report highlights some of the ways these impediments could be overcome.

Courtesy of William Buck 


 Making Western Sydney Greater - 2nd Report

In the second report, employment and training remains a key issue for businesses in the region as does transport. The desire of businesses to contribute to a holistic development of Greater Western Sydney is clear.

Whilst the financial outlook and growth opportunities for businesses in Greater Western Sydney appear to be stronger than that for the broader Australian business community, delivering investment and jobs growth in Western Sydney continues to be a core Government priority. The question is how this can be achieved.

Courtesy of William Buck 

 Making Western Sydney Greater - 3rd Report

In the third report, Western Sydney business owners and managers were asked the greatest benefits and impediments of being a business in Western Sydney. The results are sure to spark debate.

Business sentiment, employment intentions, financial performance and growth plans are some of the other topics that were explored.

Courtesy of William Buck

 Making Western Sydney Greater - 4th Report

In the fourth report, how the perception of Western Sydney impacts on businesses and what can be done to improve perceptions was investigated. Research showed that Western Sydney business owners and managers have maintained a strong and positive outlook for their businesses, despite potentially disruptive national and global events, but some variance between different segments and regions was apparent.

Courtesy of William Buck

 Skills Barometer 2015

The Skills Audit was conducted by Lonergan Research for TAFE Western Sydney Institute and Western Sydney Business Connection to determine the current and future skills needs of employers in Western Sydney. A total of 456 businesses in Greater Western Sydney participated, covering a broad spectrum of business sizes and industries. 

The survey revealed a shortage of industry skills is the biggest contributing factor for over half of businesses (54%) that can’t fill positions, the figure rising to 78% for businesses with more than 20 employees.

Courtesy of TAFE NSW Western Sydney Institute


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