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  • 19-Jun-2018 16:01 | Tracy Dawson (Administrator)

    Home owners hoping to capitalise on the appetite for property development by working with neighbours or partnering with a builder should be wary of a surprise Capital Gains Tax or Goods and Services Tax bill. Scott McGill, Partner, Private Clients and Tax Consulting, looks at the biggest tax risks you face when selling your home.

    The headline figures look tempting: 29 townhouses in Perth sold for more than $33 million, a $60 million price tag for 13 strata units in Chatswood, and more than $80 million for 55 units in Macquarie Park.

    In each deal, neighbours were able to band together to get a much better dollar price for their homes from developers by amalgamating their properties.

    But understanding how the Australian Tax Office treats these horizontal collective sales (when land is amalgamated) or vertical collective sales (when apartments are sold together) can be complex.

    The trend has had serious momentum over the past couple of years, particularly in Sydney where the booming property market has tempted home owners to go beyond simply listing their properties on the market.

    Instead, they might band together with their neighbours to sell their combined lots to a developer for a higher price or delve into the world of property development and develop the lots themselves.

    Click here to continue reading the full article.

    For further information, please contact your Pitcher Partners representative.


    Scott McGill

    Partner, Private Clients and Tax Consulting

    +61 2 8236 7880

    Pitcher Partners Sydney

    Level 22 MLC Centre, 19 Martin Place, Sydney NSW 2000

  • 19-Jun-2018 08:39 | Tracy Dawson (Administrator)

    At Great Managers, we say that being a manager is all about results. And you can only get results through your people, so their happiness must be one of your prime concerns.

    A toxic culture in the workplace does more to hold your organisation back than you might realise. However, if you act deliberately, you can create a more positive workplace and improve results.

    Here are 10 ways to build positivity in your workplace.

    Positivity Tip #1 – Be Grateful

    A good salary isn’t enough to keep today’s workers happy. People want to feel appreciated in the workplace. Their results suffer if nobody cares about their contributions. Simple acts of gratitude encourage positive workplace behaviours. A word of appreciation and a thank-you go a long way toward helping employees to feel valued. You’ll create an undercurrent of positivity, which will shape your team.

    Be quick to compliment team members for good work, and use random acts of kindness to show your team your gratitude.

    Positivity Tip #2 – Play to Employee Strengths

    Nobody wants to feel like they’re not contributing to the team. But that’s what can happen when you don’t give your people tasks that play to their strengths. Confidence drops, and soon enough employees start to resent the idea of coming to work.

    Employees prosper when they can use their talents to benefit the organisation. Learn about your employees and what they bring to the team.

    Positivity Tip #3 – Be Optimistic

    Your team looks to you for inspiration. What you say and how you act influences your organisation’s culture.

    It starts with the way you talk. Positive verbiage bolsters your team and shows that you’re excited to work with them. Phrases like “I admire how…” and “I’m impressed with…” offer positive reinforcement. They also change the way your employees absorb your feedback. Keeping a positive tone makes the listener more receptive.

    Mind your body language too. Stand tall and show that you’re proud of your workplace. Optimism is surprisingly infectious and is a cornerstone of a great company culture. Even a smile can bolster your team spirits and generate positivity.

    Positivity Tip #4 – Connect With Individuals

    Talk to them and learn what drives them. Develop a bond stretching beyond what you expect the person to do in the workplace.

    Connection is something many leaders struggle with when building a positive workplace culture. They rely on emails and memos to get their messages across. All the while, their team members resent the lack of personal communication with their leaders. They see you as a face behind a machine, instead of a person they can connect with.

    Positivity Tip #5 – Celebrate Small Wins

    The biggest project goals are also the most difficult to achieve. Your team may spend months, or even years, toiling away without an end in sight. If they don’t have anything else to celebrate during that time, they become less effective.

    Every major project requires small steps. When you celebrate these steps, you give your employees a much-needed motivational boost.

    Positivity Tip #6 – Encourage Ideas

    Every new challenge tests your creativity. Some leaders plough ahead while giving little regard to others’ ideas. They assume their way is the right way, even when people on their teams could offer insight into the new challenge.

    Instead, encourage flexible thinking. Look at new challenges from as many perspectives as possible. Encourage your team to contribute ideas. As importantly, listen to these ideas and think about the ramifications of implementing them. Not every idea will be a winner. However, encouraging your team to think often leads to better solutions than you could have created on your own.

    Positivity Tip #7 – Trust Your Team

    Treat your team members like competent adults. Delegate appropriate tasks, and allow employees to take ownership of their work. Increased responsibility makes employees feel valued. They also take more pride in their work, which usually leads to stronger results. Finally, you free your time up to focus on the more significant issues.

    Positivity Tip #8 – Inspire Your Vision

    Most leaders have a vision and a mission. They know what they want to accomplish, and how they want to get there. Unfortunately, they struggle to inspire others with that vision.

    Your vision must compel others to follow. Saying “We want to be the best” isn’t enough. Dig down into specifics.

    Positivity Tip #9 – Create Opportunities

    A great company culture encourages employees to reach for success. Individuals stagnate when they don’t receive opportunities. They may feel frustrated about their lack of achievement and resentful of you for not providing opportunities.

    Positivity Tip #10 – Have Fun

    Having fun doesn’t mean letting employees spend hours away from their work. However, a 15-minute conversation where team members share stories won’t damage the workflow. It might just be the quick release they need to de-stress before renewing their efforts.

    What to Do Next

    Register for our next free webinar here to learn more ways to build workplace positivity.

  • 14-Jun-2018 16:53 | Tracy Dawson (Administrator)

    The exciting events season by Ronald McDonald House Westmead has commenced. From movies and comedy, to golf, horse-racing and Christmas carols, be sure to grab a ticket and support the House to keep the doors open for seriously ill children and their families.

    Movie Night

    Bring the kids and enjoy the exclusive VIP Vmax Red Carpet and pre-screening of the much-anticipated Hotel Transylvania 3! This is your chance to see the film before its official opening from luxurious VMax seating, after the kids enjoy a fun and quirky "red carpet" experience at the cinema.

    Wednesday 27 June, 6pm-8pm

    Event Cinemas, Castle Hill

    Tickets $30pp (includes movie, popcorn and drink).

    Tickets are limited!

    Proudly sponsored by Dyldam

    To book tickets please complete the Booking Form

    Golf Day

    From breakfast through to a sit-down catered lunch and presentations, host your friends, team or clients at a picture-perfect day of golf. Lynwood is set on 230 acres, perfect for a relaxed, enjoyable day of Ambrose-style play.

    Tuesday 14 August

    Lynwood Country Club, Pitt Town

    Team of 4: $800 per team

    Individual players: $200pp

    Registration 7am

    Shotgun start 8am

    Followed by lunch & presentation

    Proudly sponsored by Dyldam

    To book tickets please complete the Booking Form

    Race Day

    Enjoy the best of Spring Carnival racing, as you take in the Golden Rose and Golden Pendant in style from Rosehill Gardens' Grand Pavilion. Overlook the winning post at the exclusive VIP function, complete with a delicious buffet lunch and beverage package, networking opportunities, guest speakers and private bookmaking facilities.

    Saturday 22 September, 12pm-5.30pm

    Rosehill Racecourse, Grand Pavilion

    Table of 10 $2200

    Individual ticket $220pp

    Proudly sponsored by Dyldam

    To book tickets please complete the Booking Form

    Comedy Night – Laugh for the House

    Set to be another hilarious evening in 2018! This year, Laugh for the House is headlined by Akmal's funniest show ever, and introduces you to The Stevenson Experience, a unique musical duo of bickering identical twins.

    Saturday 20 October, 7.30pm-10pm

    Starring Akmal and the Stevenson Experience

    Riverside Theatres, Parramatta

    Tickets $49.90pp* Booking fee applies

    To book tickets visit Riverside Theatres

    Christmas Carnival

    Save the Date to ring in the festive season at the Christmas Carnival, with family fun zone activities, performances and more! Each year, Christmas at the House is a time for families and the community to come together for an evening of music and entertainment.

    Saturday 1 December

    Time to be confirmed

    "The Oval", Ronald McDonald House Westmead

    1 Labyrinth Way, Westmead

    Supporting Ronald McDonald House Westmead is as simple as buying a ticket and coming along to the events.

    For further information on the events or for any events sponsorship opportunities please contact Ana on 02 9806 7111 or

  • 12-Jun-2018 16:46 | Tracy Dawson (Administrator)

    Article by: Hall & Wilcox Tax

    With a modest surplus of $2.2 billion predicted for 2019-20, and tax cuts totalling $140 billion, Scott Morrison’s third budget is a strong indication of an imminent election.

    There are few losers in this budget, with significant personal income tax cuts scheduled for the next 7 years without any corresponding halt to the planned reduction of the corporate tax rate. Further, despite recent debate and media coverage, the budget did not include any changes to negative gearing or the 50% CGT discount.

    Expenditure programs have been slated for infrastructure and the health care sector, among others. This includes announcements relating to infrastructure impacting Western Sydney, including a plan to co-fund the first stage of the North South Rail Link from Schofields to Macarthur, and improvements to community infrastructure.

    However, Scott Morrison has tempered the spending and tax cuts with measures aimed at increasing revenue by an estimated $5.3 billion over the next 4 years by targeting the black economy.

    Reforms announced in the budget include:

    • significant personal income tax cuts, including the introduction of a 7-year Personal Income Tax Plan
    • various measures in response to the final report from the Black Economy Taskforce, including those aimed to combat illegal phoenixing
    • a number of superannuation changes
    • various integrity measures, including those aimed to limit the CGT discount and
    • an extension of the $20,000 instant asset write-off.

    Below is a snapshot of some of these measures. For more on the budget and what it could mean for you, contact Hall & Wilcox.

    Personal income tax cuts

    Next financial year, individuals will benefit from tax savings of up to $530 aimed at the ‘middle’ tax bracket. The top of this bracket will be increased from $87,000 to $90,000 from 1 July 2018 and then to $120,000 from 1 July 2022.

    The upper threshold of the 19% tax bracket will then increase from $37,000 to $41,000, with an accompanying increase in the low and middle income tax offset. The next tax bracket ($90,000 to $180,000) is to be eliminated in 2024.

    There will be no increase in the Medicare levy rate, remaining at 2%.

    Small business

    The $20,000 instant asset write-off has been extended to 30 June 2019 for businesses with an aggregated annual turnover of less than $10 million. Assets valued at $20,000 or more can continue to be placed into the small business simplified depreciation pool and depreciated at 15% in the first income year and 30% each income year thereafter.

    Restricting deductions for vacant land

    Taxpayers will not be allowed a deduction for expenses associated with holding vacant residential or commercial land from 1 July 2019.


    From 1 July 2019, SMSFs that have a history of 3 consecutive years of clear audit reports will be able to move to a 3-yearly audit cycle.

    The ATO will also be empowered to help match ‘lost superannuation’ activation to active accounts.

    Exit fees for switching superannuation will be banned, and caps will be placed on other fees (e.g. administrative).

    Insurance for new members under 25 will now be ‘opt-in’.

    Testamentary trusts

    From 1 July 2019, the benefit of adult marginal tax rates applying to distributions from testamentary trusts to minors will only be available for income generated from the assets placed in the testamentary trust by the deceased, or the disposal or investment proceeds of those assets.

    Limiting concessions for partnerships

    Partners that alienate their income by creating, assigning or otherwise dealing in rights to the future income of a partnership, will no longer be able to access the small business CGT concessions in relation to those rights.

    Black economy

    Measures have been announced in response to the Black Economy Taskforce, including:

    • From 1 July 2019, businesses will not be able to claim deductions for payments to their employees (e.g. wages) where PAYG has not been withheld
    • Introduction of an economy-wide limit of $10,000 for cash payments made to businesses for goods and services from 1 July 2019
    • Consulting on a new regulatory framework for issuing ABNs in 2018-19
    • Measures to combat illicit tobacco

    GST measures

    The Government is aiming to make Director Penalty Notices apply in respect of GST liabilities, in addition to the existing application of the notices to PAYGW and SGC.

    Image rights

    Measures will be introduced to prevent individuals with potentially valuable ‘image rights’ (such as sportspeople and media identities) from obtaining a tax advantage by entering into arrangements to license those rights to controlled companies and trusts.

    Research and development tax incentive

    The Government intends to better target the research and development tax incentive with an emphasis on improving the integrity of the system by strengthening anti-avoidance rules, increasing transparency and simplifying the system.

    Additionally, there are intensity focused changes (on a bracket scheme basis) to the R&D tax that would apply.

    Anthony Bradica is a Partner, Jim Koutsokostas is a Special Counsel and Raoul D'Cruz is a Lawyer in the Tax team at Hall & Wilcox.

    For further information please contact:

    Anthony Bradica


    Hall & Wilcox

    Phone: +61 414 509 268


  • 12-Jun-2018 12:04 | Tracy Dawson (Administrator)

    The Affordable Housing Prequalification Scheme is an online tool that connects developers with nationally registered Community Housing Providers.

    The scheme was created by Landcom and the Department of Finance and Services to respond to the growing demand for Affordable Housing in NSW.

    Where to find the tool

    You can find the tool and more information at - see tab ‘Information for buyers’, then click on ‘How to buy from this scheme’.

    Landcom develops award-winning places for the people of NSW.

    They are a state owned corporation that partners with councils and the private sector to create quality residential communities that demonstrate leadership in sustainable urban development.

  • 07-Jun-2018 16:30 | Tracy Dawson (Administrator)

    Landcom is calling for Expressions of Interest to deliver a mixed use local centre next to the future Hills Showground metro station, the next stage in the Sydney Metro Northwest Places project.

    Landcom Chief Executive Officer John Brogden said the site at 1-5 Carrington Road, Castle Hill met the NSW Government’s direction for the organisation to take a lead role in improving the supply, diversity and affordability of new housing in Sydney.

    “Landcom, on behalf of Transport for NSW, is seeking Expressions of Interest from suitably qualified developers to deliver the first mixed use superlot adjacent to the future Hills Showground Station,” Mr Brogden said.

    “Landcom has partnered with Transport for NSW to develop government land around Sydney Metro Northwest stations to create new places for families, businesses and communities.

    “The Castle Hill site is the first within the Hills Showground Project.

    “The broader project will see potential for more than 1,600 dwellings and 10,000m2 of retail, commercial, and spaces for community use right next to the new Hills Showground Station.

    “This will enable residents to live, work, shop and relax within the precinct.

    “The mixed use development will feature a range of housing types that meet the needs of different households and will demonstrate a commitment to best practice transit-oriented development.

    “The development will include an Affordable Housing component, so the Castle Hill site will bring much needed housing for low to medium income workers.”

    Mr Brogden said the Hills Showground development was the second site of a wider program to transform government land around the new metro stations of Tallawong, Kellyville, Bella Vista, Norwest, Castle Hill and Cherrybrook.

    An Expression of Interest was called for the Cudgegong Road Station South site, recently renamed Tallawong Station, in March 2018. An Invitation to Tender is expected to be issued later this year.

    “Sydney Metro Northwest Places is a 10-year program that will deliver about 11,000 new dwellings, parks, community facilities and up to 400,000m2 of floor space dedicated to employment opportunities in retail and commercial enterprises, supporting new and future residents living along the Sydney Metro Northwest corridor,” Mr Brogden said.

    “As masterplanner for the site, Landcom will work with the local community, The Hills Shire Council, Department of Planning and Environment, other government organisations, and businesses to finalise a concept proposal for the Hills Showground Project.

    “This will guide the successful development partner to prepare detailed development plans for the site.”

    The development is being marketed through Knight Frank, and Expressions of Interest will close at 3pm on 16 July, 2018. An Invitation to Tender is expected to be issued late this year, with a contract to be awarded early next year.

    Sydney Metro services start in Sydney’s north west in the first half of 2019.

  • 01-Jun-2018 17:23 | Tracy Dawson (Administrator)

    On 17 May 2018 the Hon Paul Fletcher MP, Minister for Urban Infrastructure and Cities, granted an airport lease over the Western Sydney Airport site to WSA Co Limited (WSA Co).

    As the government-owned company tasked with building the airport, WSA Co has taken over management of the airport site from the Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities. This is an important step towards the construction of the Western Sydney Airport, which will drive economic and social growth in Western Sydney via a thriving airport precinct which will stimulate local jobs, attract new businesses and bring new education opportunities.

    The Government is working closely with WSA Co to ensure a smooth transition as we assume the role of the Airport Lessee Company (ALC). As the ALC, WSA Co will become subject to a wide range of obligations under the Airports Act 1996 and associated regulations. This includes the Airports (Building Control) Regulations 1996 and the Airports (Environment Protection) Regulations 1997.

    The Commonwealth Government will maintain responsibility for several specific activities in relation to the Western Sydney Airport, including the airspace design and biodiversity offsets. They will also continue to facilitate the Forum on Western Sydney Airport (FOWSA).

    The grant of the airport lease marks the next stage in the delivery of the Western Sydney Airport, which will play an important part in the wider economic expansion of Western Sydney. 

  • 31-May-2018 09:40 | Tracy Dawson (Administrator)

    Campbelltown City Council is committed to creating a local economy that is dynamic, diverse and provides opportunities for residents, visitors, businesses and investors to live, work, play and learn close to home. The creation of a night time economy is an important element in the realisation of this vision and a necessary requirement for the revitalisation of Campbelltown CBD.

    With this in mind, Council has commenced work on the development of a Night Time Economy Strategy and Action Plan for the Campbelltown CBD, focusing on the area from Leumeah to Macarthur Square. The project will focus on creating a vibrant, safe and sustainable economy at night.

    Take the community survey

    Take the business survey

    Council would like to hear your ideas on how to create a thriving night time economy. They invite you to share your insights and perspectives on the future of the Campbelltown CBD by completing a quick survey.



    Phone: 02 4645 4476

  • 30-May-2018 18:20 | Tracy Dawson (Administrator)

    Stage 1 of Parramatta Light Rail is now full steam ahead after planning approval from the NSW Government was received for the project.

    Planning approval follows extensive consultation with the community, local businesses and valued stakeholders including Westmead Hospital, the Children’s Hospital at Westmead, Western Sydney University, the City of Parramatta Council, Western Sydney Business Chamber and the Parramatta Chamber of Commerce.

    Stage 1 of Parramatta Light Rail will link Westmead to Carlingford via Parramatta CBD and Camellia, connecting key destinations including the Westmead Precinct, the new Western Sydney Stadium, the new Powerhouse Museum and three Western Sydney University campuses as well as communities at Camellia and Telopea.

    Associated road, traffic and remediation works for the Parramatta Light Rail will take place later this year, with major construction to begin in 2019. The light rail will begin services in 2023.

    For more information, refer to the Parramatta Light Rail website or contact us at

  • 28-May-2018 08:41 | Tracy Dawson (Administrator)

    The HSBC Sydney 7s is heading west with the announcement that the 2019 tournament will be played at Spotless Stadium in the Sydney Olympic Park precinct.

    Having had three successful years at Allianz Stadium in Sydney, the hugely popular tournament will light up Sydney’s west over three action-packed days from February 1-3.

    To celebrate the move, and in a first for the tournament, the HSBC Sydney 7s will throw open it’s doors on Friday 1 February with free entry for all fans for the opening day of action.

    Fans will be able to cheer on the Qantas Australian Men’s and Women’s Sevens teams as they fight to defend their titles after running out emphatic winners in their home tournament earlier this year.

    Sydney Olympic Park will be transformed into a Rugby festival with live bands, rides, interactive entertainment, the kids zone, and plenty of places to eat and drink, coupled with the best Rugby Sevens athletes from across the world doing battle just a year out from the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

    Fan-favourites that have become synonymous with the HSBC Sydney 7s will return with Dance Cam, Kiss Cam, The Gun show, and Karaoke all to feature again in the 2019 edition. There will also be some new additions and surprises to be announced over the coming months.

    Rugby Australia Chief Executive, Raelene Castle said: “This is a great opportunity for families and Rugby fans in the greater Sydney region to come along and experience the fun and excitement of the HSBC Sydney 7s and witness truly world class athletes play one of the fastest growing sports in the world.

    “Anyone who has been to the tournament in Sydney will tell you its not just about the footy, Sevens Rugby is the complete package. It’s a chance to get your mates together, deck yourself out in fancy dress and experience all the entertainment on offer.

    “There is a genuine international flavour to the tournament which is unrivalled in sport, with fans coming from all corners of the globe to cheer on their teams.

    “The major highlight of any Sevens tournament anywhere in the world is seeing the passion and flair of the Fijian fans, and we know that there are large communities of Fijians and Rugby fans from other island nations in Western Sydney who have been waiting for the opportunity to experience the tournament in their own backyard.”

    NSW Minister for Sport and Western Sydney, Stuart Ayres said: “Western Sydney is home to some of Australia’s biggest and best major sporting events and some of the city’s most passionate fans, so Spotless Stadium is the perfect home for the Sydney 7s,” Ayres said.

    “Beyond all the action on field, the event will also provide a boost to the local visitor economy, with hotels, restaurants and attractions set to be buzzing with visitors from around Australia and the world. I encourage everyone to get their tickets early and start planning an extended stay in Western Sydney.”

    HSBC Australia CEO, Martin Tricaud, said: “The HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series is an exciting competition which brings the great game of rugby to new audiences all around the world. The Australian tournament has become one of the highlights of the world tour and we are looking forward to the event at Spotless Stadium next year.”

    Fans are encouraged to take advantage of the early bird ticket offer and register at for the early bird prices. Tickets will go on public sale on Thursday August 23.

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